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Former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer Talks Healthcare & Wellness

By December 29, 2017Politics, Wellness
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As I’ve mentioned before, Wellness is a recurring theme here on Intentionally Vicarious. Without some relatively high level of wellness, it’s just not possible to have more fun than anyone else you know.

IV host Todd Youngblood had the opportunity to talk about healthcare with former U.S. Senator from California, Barbara Boxer at a session sponsored by himagine solutions.

In a nutshell, Senator Boxer laid out a three-pronged strategy: continued below

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  1. De-Complicate the discussion
  2. Make it Personal
  3. Be an Activist

She also made a point of emphasizing the need to hold our public officials accountable. Amen to that!

As I reflect back on our discussion, what struck me as interesting at the time has become – for me anyway – more significant. And that’s Senator Boxer’s point #1 above. Of course healthcare is extremely complicated. Of course whatever solution(s) get(s) implemented will also be extremely complicated. The point is, the debate needs to get broken down into a large enough number of small enough pieces for us to get our brains around.

Did the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act follow that advice? Nope. Did whatever it was Congress has done to date in the Trump administration follow that advice? Nope. Hmmmm…

Regarding point #2, I recommend getting your hands on a copy of An American Sickness. It’ll make you angry! It explains lots of reasons why healthcare costs are spiraling out of control. The focus of the book sort of forces you not only to “make it personal,” but also to be more of an activist.

Another part of our conversation centered on innovation. Senator Boxer keyed in on both public organizations like the CDC and NIH, as well as private organizations like AHIMA, the American Health Information Management Association.

It’s a BIG issue. I encourage you to listen, think and take some action!


Here’s a video version of our conversation…

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  • mark youngblood says:

    Very interesting, intriguing and demoralizing all the same. The Rosenthal book is on order. We all need to understand this whole health care issue better and insist our representatives address this real issue facing all Americans.

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