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Quick Thought: The Sausage Factory

By December 17, 2018Politics
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“Congress is a sausage factory that has forgotten how to make sausage.”

Ed Luce continued below

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Comparing sausage-making with the process of negotiating legislation in Congress has been around for long time. The analogy (metaphor?) refers to the fact that both processes are very unpleasant to contemplate. Do you really want to know what parts of the pig go into your hot dog?

I’m thinking Congress doesn’t want to know either. They invest so much time and effort crapping on their opponents that there’s nothing left to invest in legislating. Even the really basic stuff like approving the national budget. They’ve only managed to approve it on time just 4 times in the last 40 years. They’re batting 100.

Look, I don’t personally want to work in Congress or a sausage factory. But if that’s your chosen job… Do it, dammit!

Think about it…

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  • Mary Margaret Just says:

    Far as I know, I’m the only member of my family of origin that eats giblets. Wasting good stuff bothers me. Some pork barrel politics doesn’t bother me. However, conflict for the sake of conflict and conflict to collect more power than anyone can use does bother me. Reminds me of those piles of buffalo bones erectect to memorialize extermination of Native Americans.

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