So you’ve made your commitment to be Intentionally Vicarious. Great!

But there’s more… Once you’ve sorted through the things that might be fun, it’s time to DO some things and actually¬†HAVE some fun. You also need to Implement Vicarious!

Start building an IV Score, and see how far you can go.

How to Build Yours

There are several ways you build your IV Score. The biggest impact will be Posting an Update. Sharing your experiences is the whole point of IV. People become inspired or down right envious reading about how you are having more fun than anyone else you know!

Other ways of building your IV Score are reading episodes, listening to podcasts, commenting on episodes, and more. The point is spend time interacting with IV and your IV Score will thank you.

Points Structure

  • Registering as a Member = 10 points

  • Visiting the site = 3 points per day

  • Posting an Update = 15 points

  • Commenting on an Episode = 5 points

  • Reading an Episode or Post = 5 points

Get Started Building Your IV Score

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Thinking about gaming the game?

Would you really exaggerate or outright lie about what you’ve done and/or how much you enjoyed it to boost your IV score? Seriously?

“To thine own self be true.”
(Polonius in Shakespears’s Hamlet)