Why you need to be

Intentionally Vicarious.

(and hire Todd to speak at your next meeting or event)

Exploring, Questioning, Learning, Thinking and Having More Fun Than Anyone Else You Know

Who says having fun isn’t serious business? A formal process of exploring, questioning, learning and thinking about everything in the world around you generates creativity – which drives professional success – which enables more aggressive pursuit of personal dreams – which is seriously fun.

Hire Todd Youngblood to speak at your event.
Everyone will walk out of your meeting just a bit more creative than they were when they walked in!

In this talk, Todd combines his intensity and genetic need to know more with over 40 successful years as a salesman, executive, entrepreneur and consultant to share a proven process to continuously enhance your personal creativity. When you leave you will:

  • Have a deeper appreciation for the immense power of creativity
  • “Get” how creativity can dramatically increase your professional value (…and, hopefully, also smooth your path toward self-actualization)
  • Have a roadmap and set of tools for continuously enhancing your own creativity

Todd's Bio

Master Chief Executive Producer Author & Host at Intentionally Vicarious:

Todd’s “Intentionally Vicarious” mission is to help you learn how to have more fun than anyone else you know. He does so with an intense focus on continuously enhancing creativity by exploring, questioning, learning, thinking, writing and speaking about the issues of the day. Could be business, culture, politics, sports or anything else that rolls by his – or your – way.

Todd Youngblood’s career in Executive Management, Sales, Marketing and Consulting focused on selling more, better, cheaper and faster. He now applies that broad, deep business background to help his clients become more creative and therefore better able to achieve excellence.

After graduating from Brown University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1975, he became a Marketing Representative with the IBM Corporation, and for fifteen years progressed through a variety of field and staff assignments. He then founded and operated an IT Outsourcing firm providing Software Development and Maintenance Services. In 1994, he joined an e-commerce firm serving the insurance and healthcare industries, as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He established The YPS Group in 1999 based on his years of experience in Sales Process Engineering – that is, combining creativity and discipline in the design, implementation and use of work processes to produce highly effective (and wealthy) sales teams.

Todd launched the Intentionally Vicarious podcast/blog in 2017 based on a life-goal he set almost 40 years ago – to have more fun than anyone else he knows. He does so by exploring, questioning, learning, thinking, writing and speaking about the immensely fascinating world he sees all around him.

Todd’s session got me to realize that creativity is not some innate gift, but a skill that can be continuously developed. The tools he gave us were immediately useful and effective.

Rick HoweCEO, The Knotts Company

I never considered myself to be a particularly creative person until I looked at it the way Todd does. I really can be more creative! We all can.

Jim DeVelvisVice President of Sales, Expeditor

What I really liked about Todd’s session was his credibility and perspective. He’s one of us – not some touchy-feely “guru,” but a successful, pragmatic business guy who has figured out how to acquire and apply creativity in the real world.

CB SmithwickFounder, Koopedia