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The (scary) power of your comfort zone!

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Comfort Zone

noun:  a situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable, or in control

What’s the source of the comfort zone’s power? It’s not complicated. It’s very safe and secure. When your activities and behaviors fit a routine and familiar pattern, stress and risk are both minimized. The familiarity provides psychological security, low anxiety, safety.

How friggin’ boring is that?

And seriously, you already know that stepping outside your comfort zone is exhilarating. Most of us most of the time just simply forget.

So I’m just doin’ my job!

Reminding you to be Intentionally Vicarious a few times a week and to Implement Your Vicarious at least once a week. continued below

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Need a few suggestions of what to try? Here’s my current list:

  • Figure out how to really, really get to know my grandson, now that his Mommy & Daddy have moved him to friggin’ California.
  • Launch the Intentionally Vicarious podcast and get the following line into a major motion picture – “Hang on… First I need to post my IV Score and share it on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.”
  • Rise from raw beginner to mediocre skeet shooter by the end of this year.
  • Learn Ballroom Dancing so I don’t feel like a dufus next time I go to a wedding.
  • Build a cabin in North Georgia along with enough “play stuff” so my family and friends refer to the place as “Camp Youngblood.”
  • Bicycle another Century (100 miles in a day. That implies cycling 100+ miles per week just about every week.)
  • Continue my streak of twice a week weight training out to 3 years – then keep it rolling.
  • Exploit my membership in the High Museum (Atlanta) by visiting there every month. (…and MOMA in NYC every year…)
  • See at least one Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and one New York Philharmonic performance every year.
  • Dine at an awesome restaurant twice a month.
  • Finish up visiting all stops on Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail.

Actually, once you get rolling making a list like this, it’s easy! Try it.

You’re welcome…

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