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Quick Thought: Take Action!

By April 8, 2019Action!
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…or was it Wang Mang? continued below

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This is Intentionally Vicarious… I’m Todd Youngblood… And I was just sitting here at my desk pondering aimlessly… And I started to think about how having a network of respected, intelligent, thinking colleagues, friends and family might just be one of the Top 5 best things about my own Intentionally Vicarious life.

It started with an article by Sara Branch, then a follow-up by John Carroll. Sara’s article, titled  Where have all the humans gone?, honed in on the critical importance of coaching, mentoring and apprenticeships. John tacked on additional wisdom with the following quotation:

“Not hearing is not as good as hearing, hearing is not as good as seeing, seeing is not as good as knowing, knowing is not as good as acting; true learning continues until it is put into action.”

Confucius (…or maybe Wang Mang or somebody else – in any case, it’s serious wisdom!)

So yeah… Get your book learning, your degrees and your certifications. Check in with me regularly for a steady diet of vicarious. But don’t kid yourself. You really wanna’ have some fun? Get out there and DO!!!

Think about it…

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  • Nick says:

    Your posting about “Take Action”. You are missing a very important step… critically analyze the results to confirm if your actions had the right result and there were no unintended consequences. Adjusting one’s actions based on this type of analysis is critical for continuous improvement. Blindly following the initial plan without ongoing analysis has caused many problems.

    • Of course, you’re right. Adjusting action appropriately over time is essential. That said, there are WAY too many folks who sit around wringing their hands and worrying without doing anything about anything at all. Let’s get that crowd moving first. We can’t coach them into better performance until AFTER they actually begin to perform!

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