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Quick Thought 63 – It’s STILL Half-Full!

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This is Intentionally Vicarious… I’m Todd Youngblood… And I was just sitting here at my desk pondering aimlessly… and it occurred to me that even with all this COVID crisis chaos, the glass is still very much half full. I’ve done several Intentionally Vicarious episodes citing empirical evidence that we are in fact living in the best of times in the history of the world. continued below

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Standards of living are higher than ever before. Lifespans are longer than ever before. Literacy is more widespread than ever before. There are more people living in free, open, democratic societies than ever before. Poverty is lower than ever before. Child mortality is vastly less frequent than ever before.

So the COVID crisis got you down? Consider this thought from M. Thomas Blalock, III…

“Hate the pandemic. Love the opportunity.”

I think he nailed it. Of course this crisis is a crisis. It’s a real threat. We all need to take it and its aftermath seriously. But we also need to be aware and alert for all the doors that are opening to us because of this massive disruption in our lives.

Are you actually more productive working from home? What are you doing with the extra time you used to burn up sitting in traffic commuting to and from work every day? How much cleaner is your house? What are you learning that you didn’t have time to learn before? How much fun are all these Zoom-based cocktail parties?

Hate the pandemic. Love the opportunity.

Think about it…

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