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Quick Thought 61 – The Constitution …amazing!

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This is Intentionally Vicarious… I’m Todd Youngblood… And I was just sitting here at my desk pondering aimlessly… and my mind wandered to what is a truly amazing document, the Constitution of the United States.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve read the entire thing straight through – maybe a dozen or so. Nor am I sure how many times I’ve read sections to refresh my memory or to try to get more insight into the constitutionality of some issue that’s in the news. continued below

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What I am sure about is that the Constitution is an amazingly extraordinary document that captures amazingly extraordinary ideas and ideals.

The document itself reflects the fact that our Founders who crafted it, were also amazingly extraordinary. To me, it’s fascinating to imagine the discussions – both formal and informal – among those participating in the Constitutional Convention. The give and take. The disagreements. The wrestling over the fine points down to the level of specific words and punctuation. The famous second comma in the 2nd Amendment for example… I have an opinion about what they intended by putting it there. You may disagree.

In truth, I find just about everything about the Constitution to be endlessly fascinating. That’s why something I learned just this month really blew me away. I read it in Jill Lapor’s “These Truths:”

“Except for the Massachusetts Constitution, in 1780, and the second New Hampshire Constitution, in 1784, no constitution, no written system of government, had ever before been submitted to the people for their approval.”

That idea… The notion of getting democratic approval of a Constitution and Bill of Rights that together tightly shackle democracy, and therefore the “tyranny of the majority,” is SERIOUSLY remarkable.

It’s worth it for all of us to invest the time to pause and ponder the sheer brilliance underneath it!

Think about it…

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