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Quick Thought 54 – What The World Owes Us

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This is Intentionally Vicarious… I’m Todd Youngblood… And I was just sitting here at my desk pondering aimlessly… And my mind meandered over to all the things our current crop of political hopefuls tell us we are entitled to receive. continued below

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They say we’re entitled to health care. They say we’re entitled to a “living wage.” They say we’re entitled to a school or workplace that is free from words or actions we might find to be offensive or upsetting. I don’t think I need to go on. You know the laundry list of things to which the politicians say we are entitled as well as I do.

It struck me that I don’t necessarily agree with all the things they typically put on the list. Since, of course, you live, or at least I’d like to think you live vicariously through me, I decided I needed to grab a pen and paper and develop my own version of a Comprehensive List of Entitlements & What the World Owes You.

Check the show notes for a copy. Just in case you only have the audio for this episode though, I’ll read the entire list to you. Here we go…

  1.  …

End of list.

Think about it…

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  • Mary Margaret Just says:

    “Entitled” is a word that provokes offense and upset in those who already have more than is absolutely essential for continued existence.
    “Politician” is another word that is loaded with BB’s that threaten eyesight. (Bless the Ralphies of this world who yearn for a Red Ryder BB gun.)
    “The World” may be the name for those of us who already have kingdom, power, and glory we refuse to share.

    Health care and education are necessities in the real world. Freedom from unkindness seems desirable. However, winning at any cost to others is often the name of the game. Those who have kingdom, power, and glory often want to keep all of that for themselves.

    I did social work for 40 years. There are people in this world that no sane person would hire. Sometimes health care and education move them into the ranks of the employable. Physical, mental, social, and/or spiritual factors make others unemployable for the foreseeable future.

    Let me know when you find a human society that practices balance, meeting basic needs for those with limits and providing opportunity for those with ability.

  • James D Roth says:

    Our truly thoughtful and far-seeing Founding Fathers got it right with the pithy statement “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Give me that opportunity and I will succeed or fail on my own. Give me everything and I neither succeed nor fail. I only barely exist.

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