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Any interest in learning to have more fun than anyone else you know???

By June 1, 2017September 21st, 2017Intentionally Vicarious
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The whole purpose of the Intentionally Vicarious podcast is to help you do exactly that. Learning to have more fun than anyone else you know is an intriguing thought isn’t it? My goal in this introduction is to convince you that have a fulfilling, fun life requires a dedication to being intentionally vicarious. It needs to become – MUST BECOME – a regular part of your daily routine.

Since you’re listening to a podcast at all, it’s clear that you’ve got the basics in your life under control… You have income; food, clothing and shelter are covered; you’re paying your bills, you have some free time and there are people in your life that you care deeply about and who care deeply about you.

For some, those few things alone are enough. Personally, I don’t think that cuts it. There’s so much more. There NEEDS to be more to have a genuinely full, exciting, happy life. BUT… The number of possibilities of things you COULD try are, for all practical purposes, endless. So how do you choose what to do? What to pursue?

That’s where becoming Intentionally Vicarious comes in. In this podcast, I’ll talk to all kinds of different folks who are pursuing all kinds of different endeavors. That gives you a chance to live vicariously. To learn more about some topic. To get a deeper understanding of what may or may not be appealing to you. To make better decisions about where you’ll invest your time. continued below

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It’s that simple. The best way to use this podcast is to dip into each episode. Trust me, there will be some topics that you’d NEVER think about pursuing otherwise, but with a little knowledge might just capture your imagination. If an episode sounds the least bit interesting, listen to the whole thing. If it seems maybe worth pursuing, use the links in the show notes to learn more. After that, it’s up to you.

It’s too easy to just coast along – watching mindless TV – brainlessly surfing the web – mechanically getting consumed in the endless stream of social media drivel..

Take charge! Be Intentionally Vicarious!

And… because at times, I may be just a bit self-indulgent – I have to give you a warning. Now and then I’ll feel the need to rant a bit. In other words, I won’t be able to control myself, and – in my ranting – indulge my own pursuit of having more fun than anyone else I know.

Somewhere in the Czech Republic. The whiskers didn’t last…

The host of the show, Todd Youngblood, practicing what he preaches…

“After listening to my brother and his wife absolutely rave about the bicycle trip they had taken in Austria, I couldn’t help but think it was something I’d like to try. So I quizzed them about it. In some detail… Lived vicariously a bit…

Then signed myself up.

In fact, I’ve signed myself up for this European bike trip six times now! Ireland near Shannon, Spain around Barcelona, France in the Normandy region, Italy north of Naples, the Czech Republic with its amazing beer and Portugal west of Lisbon. At some point, I’ll wax eloquent about how much fun it is. And how fascinating my fellow bikers are.

Thanks, Herman, owner of Hindriks Bicycle Tours. Looking forward to the Netherlands in ’18!”

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