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Lifestyle First, Then Build Your Business

By December 22, 2017Wellness
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How’s this for a thought…??? First craft a lifestyle. Then build a business around that. Makes TONS of sense to me! It’s an outstanding fundamental formula for having more fun than anyone else you know. Darrah Brustein, ( Founder of Network Under 40, Network Over 40, Finance Whiz Kids, Give It Forward and Equitable Payments, is a shining example of this Lifestyle First approach.

Multiple layoffs nudged Brustein into her first entrepreneurial venture. A credit card processing business with her twin brother as partner. Things just flowed from there and four more businesses were born – all of which fit into and support the lifestyle she wants. continued below

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Well… It didn’t exactly just flow. Darrah’s approach, while fun, is pretty darned methodical. Her process starts with 9 Questions To Ask Your Network To Help You Find Your Path, followed by an annual, written, published accounting of each year and then a very personal plan for the upcoming year. Some impressive discipline here! It’s also a great model to follow yourself.

Can you really make any money doing what you love?

“Yes, but,” is her answer. She suggests establishing a firm personal financial base first, or starting off part-time and making the transition to real entrepreneur as it makes sense. Not all that profound, but better than being like me and just jumping off the cliff! Yes, Lifestyle First, but not without some pragmatism.

Curation of People

That’s the phrase that best capture Darrah’s passion and true fundamental skill. Not surprising that her core business is networking… What’s most interesting to me was how she talked about the Dunning-Kruger Effect without calling it that. (I’ve written about Dunning-Kruger before.) She was, in fact good at discerning who should get connected with whom and then actually making the connecting happen, but – since it seems so easy – didn’t see the value in the skill. Fascinating…

Finance For Kids

I can’t close without plugging her book. The stupendous ignorance most Americans have regarding personal finance and economics never ceases to stun and depress me. Get the book. Work on it with your kids. Be afraid. Be very afraid if and when your kid(s) passes you!

Now get out there and implement your own vicarious.
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