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Financial Planning With The “Yes-Man”

By December 1, 2017December 2nd, 2017Financial Planning
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Randy Yeomans

Without sound financial planning, it’s pretty darned hard to have more fun than anyone else you know. It’s possible, but a few extra disposable bucks in your pocket sure make it way, way easier. It’s something that a few folks can pull off without outside help, but if you’re like me, flying solo seems a bit foolhardy. I think we all need a “Retirement Coach.”

My conversation with self-described “Yes-Man,” Randy Yeomans gave me a whole new perspective on the stereotypical, bore-me-to-tears green eye-shade type. He’s CEO of Yeoman’s Consulting Group, an organization that helps individuals and families optimize their wealth. He’s also an avid skier and sea diver. (Sadly, we didn’t get into either of those topics. The good news is, after the interview I got him to commit to a repeat guest appearance.) continued below

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The Yes-Man’s 3 Legged Stool

Speaking of a totally surprising demeanor from a “dull” financial planning type dude… Randy’s notion of a 3 legged stool perspective really got me thinking. He advocates deep thought from 3 financial planning perspectives:

  • Relationships (both spiritual and social)
  • Wellness
  • Economic

A financial planner who puts the economic factor third of three? Hmmmmm… Frankly, what really hit me between the eyes was how much his approach to financial well-being matches the Intentionally Vicarious approach to having more fun than anyone else you know! My own view is that you can’t have all that much fun without:

  • A group of people close to you that you care about and who care about you
  • Health
  • Spare cash

Eerily similar!

I particularly liked two specific perspectives Randy shared. The first is the notion of “You, Inc.” That is, you as the CEO of your life, surrounded by a group of trusted advisors with you best interests first and foremost. Duh… Of course that’s got to address a whole lot more than just the money part.

The second is the “car” analogy. What if you knew with absolute certainty that your current car, was the last one you could ever have for the rest of your life? Would you be just a bit more careful about how well you maintained it? You get his point… How much belly fat you got hanging around your middle? Do you really need that 3rd martini? (For the record, my answers are “too much” and “No, but….)

Lots of great personal financial planning advice in this episode. Along with an “attitude” about living large. This guy might even be able to compete with me at having a good time!

Yeomans Consulting Group is located at 61 Atlanta Street, Marietta, GA 30060.

Please contact them at 770-427-5227

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