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Episode 3 – Home Renovation with Vicki Lauter

By August 24, 2017August 30th, 2017Home Renovation
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If you’re renovating your own home, or buying a place to fix up and flip, you need to listen to up! Vicki Lauter has done a boat-load of home renovation AND she has used her business savvy to make the whole process not only successful and satisfying, but also pretty darn near painless!

Painless??? Seriously??? continued below

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Yeah… seriously. Maybe it’s what she’s learned as Founder and CEO of Strategic Human Insights, or maybe she’s just smarter than the average bear. Either way, if what you want is a home renovation project that finishes on-time and on-budget and also makes you feel great, you’ll be hard pressed to find better advice.

Here’s a taste of “Lauter’s Lessons:”

  • Inspect before you buy (including specialist inspections of major systems like HVAC)
  • Get an architect and/or designer involved up front (You are not experienced enough to do the whole magilla on your own!)
  • PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! (If you’re gonna’ live there for 5 years, plan out the whole 5 years!)
  • Vet your general contractor (…and all the subs!)
  • Think a lot about buying all/part of the materials yourself or letting that be part of the contractor’s job (Lots-O-$Cash to be saved/spent here!)
  • Watch ‘em like a hawk! (…then be hard-nosed or nice depending on each of the million specific situations)

Then there’s the rat poop story…

You need to listen to this episode for the rat poop story…

Need a few research tips? Here a few that Vicki uses:

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