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Episode 2 – Motorcycle Riding with Geoff Ables

By August 15, 2017September 29th, 2017Intentionally Vicarious, Motorcycle
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A different kind of “cycling” than I’m used to…

While yours truly pedals up hills using old man power, Geoff Ables uses a motorcycle. And you just gotta’ hear the enthusiasm in his voice when he talks about “feeling the power!” (And yes, he’s a Harley guy…) continued below

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Geoff is Managing Partner of C5 Insight, motorcycle enthusiast and a great example of a guy who looks at combining all parts of his life into a composite whole. (Listen here for an interview he did on the Sales Management Development Podcast.) And when it comes to motorcycles…

Well… He focuses as much on charitable work as he does on his bike. He’s inspired by a group called The Halftime Institute, and is dedicated to moving from a first half of life focused on success, into a second half that is focused on significance – engaging his passions, giving back, and leaving a legacy that lives past him. NOT exactly what you’d expect from a guy who invests a significant amount of time frequenting biker bars! His story about biker-bar-based-family-groups-fund-raising for charity is downright inspiring.

How to get started?

Two steps:

  • Take a Rider Safety Course at a Harley shop or community college. (There’s that Harley bias showing through…)
  • Ride!

We rounded out our conversation talking about how Geoff shares a love for wine with his wife, June. Not on their biking days! Surprise, surprise – your humble host has been know to enjoy a glass or two. The Cabernet from Taylor Family Vineyards in Napa Valley is one of my personal favorites.

So it’s the motorcycle cycling guy vs. the bicycle cycling guy. Great fun!

Get some stuff!

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