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Episode 1 – Photography, etc. with Bill Ramsey

By August 10, 2017March 19th, 2018Friends
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Who hasn’t thought of photography as a cool hobby?

Bill Ramsey, Host of The PhotoTellers

Today’s guest is a gentleman who’s taken it quite a few steps beyond the hobby stage, and who shared LOTS of thoughts on how to get started with photography. Bill Ramsey is Executive Producer of The Fireside Network as well as a pro who spends a good bit of time behind his camera. He started out as a Youth Minister/Ceramic Tile Setter and lived through, as he puts it, being, “on the brink of not doing well,” aka near-bankruptcy.

These days, taking pictures of a families’ “Summer-On-The-Beach” and Christmas photos pays the bills. In other words, he not sure if photography is a full-time or part-time occupation. (Actually, I sort like that attitude!)

How to get started with photography?

A few simple steps: continued below

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  • Get a camera
  • Get a telephoto lens
  • Get some education
  • Take (loads of) pictures of what you love

Get a camera

Don’t spend a lot of money at first. Don’t, for example, necessarily buy the latest and greatest technology. A 2nd or 3rd generation back from state-of-the-art is likely a better choice. If you’re serious, think about $700-800 for a kit. (Here’s one of our affiliate links for great choice: Canon EOS Rebel Kit) For those on a tighter budget, go for a used Canon or Nikon in the $300 range.

Get a telephoto lens

Just do it. It’s the 2nd lens you’ll want beyond what come with a kit. (This maybe?)

Get some education

As Bill puts it, “There a million choices out there.” Pick a course where the instructor goes with you “on location” to shoot some actual stuff! Learn by doing, in other words. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, just search the web and YouTube. For sure check out Steve Kozak, Bill’s photography mentor, and Bill Ramsey himself!

Take pictures of what you love.

Need we say more? Go do it!

And now a few somewhat philosophical bits…

In the spirit of having more fun than anyone else we know, Bill & I shot the breeze for a bit, shared a few stories and offered what might be a few “tidbits of wisdom.” For example, a pair of books the host recommends for everybody: The Elements of Style and Atlas Shrugged.

Enjoy the show!

Get some stuff!

Make your photos look even better!

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