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Don’t shrink your brain!

By September 15, 2017September 22nd, 2017Wellness
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I don’t know about you, but the notion of not shrinking my brain strikes me as really important! John Carroll, an Aging Strategist With Deans Consulting, thinks so too. “Don’t shrink your brain!” is a unique way to think about wellness, and it might well be his core mantra. Except for maybe…

Stop eating Roundup!

So there’s another phrase that smacked me right between the eyes.  The herbicide glyphosate (literally the active ingredient in Roundup) is sprayed – repeatedly – on lots and lots of the crops we end up eating. Seriously! continued below

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And if those two attention grabbers don’t grab your attention, how about the notion of reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease? John provided some insight on that as well.

So is “Wellness” important to us all?

Of course, wellness is critical. It’s certainly a prerequisite for our mission here at Intentionally Vicarious. It’s hard to see how you could boost your IV Score if you’re not healthy. That’s why we’ve decided to provide regular doses of wellness information and insight.

Check out the info and links below to get started.

Here are John Carroll’s “BIG 3”

  • Start moving
  • Eliminate sugar
  • If you’re taking a statin for cholesterol, talk to you doctor about also taking CoQ10

Want John’s handouts that address all 10 of his strategies for Caring For Your Brain? Plus some handy grocery shopping lists? Plus yet another set of insights about chronic pain? Click below!

Consider getting, reading and doing what these books recommend:

And finally… Analyze and track your own wellness with the following really good, comprehensive tool:

Wellness Inventory: Personal Wellness Program

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