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Dance Instructor? …or Life Improvement Specialist?

By February 16, 2018Dance
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Are we having any fun yet?

Ever wind up doing something you never imagined you would do? Well… in my quest to have more fun than anyone else I know, I’ve tried a few things. But Ballroom Dancing??? Well, yes! And you know what I found out? Ballroom Dancing is a Blast! continued below

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Just take a look at the photo to the right. You think those folks are having a good time? And it’s just one little sample of the happenings at Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta. After six months or so of dance lessons, I finally talked my own instructor, Leah Borso and the manager of their King Plow Arts Center location, Jay Varnedoe into sitting down and chatting for a bit.

Far and away, what stuck with me most out of our conversation was Jay’s self-description as a “Life Improvement Specialist.” As I reflect on my own dancing experience thus far, it becomes clear that it’s a really an apt description of what happens. For me:

  • It’s novel. I’ve never done it before – at least not sober… That all by itself makes it fun.
  • It’s mentally challenging. It reminds me of my 12 years doing martial arts. TONS of maneuvers to remember and string together in an unending number of variations, and no end it sight to yet more maneuvers and variations.)
  • It’s physical. I’m reflecting right now on the 20 mile bicycle ride I just took. While the bike ride itself was more intense, now that it’s two hours later, it’s hard to distinguish that great post-workout feeling and buzz from the one I get after a 90 minute session in the dance studio.
  • It’s physical. No, this is not redundant. I’m taking these lessons with my sweetheart, and the level of intimacy combined with the simultaneous social setting is frankly, quite unique.
  • It’s social. What a mixed bag of people! All age groups. All shapes and sixes. All skill levels. Professionals, executives, plumbers, you name it, all soaking in what I’ve just described above.
  • Causes laughter! Be it the continuous banter with all involved, the recurring mis-steps or the inevitable image of Morticia and Gomez from The Addams Family every time we do the Tango… we laugh. Lots.

In other words, my dancing experience is indeed improving my life.

And a few thoughts on YouTube dance lessons…

I tried it. It was sterile. While it’s actually a pretty great way to learn the mechanics or get a bit of inspiration, it just doesn’t cut for me. A big part of the fun is applause from Leah. Not to mention the ongoing, encouraging hints, tips and coaching. And of course, those literally laugh-out-loud moments.

Anyhow, I’m really looking forward to the wedding of buddy’s son coming up in July. I’ll be tearin’ up that dance floor!

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