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Quick Thought 20: Congress & Kindergarten

By January 28, 2019Congress, Politics
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I was just sitting here at my desk – pondering aimlessly… and the relentlessly juvenile behavior of our political leaders got me all riled up. A close friend of mine summed it up brilliantly… continued below

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“Pick a kindergarten. ANY kindergarten.”

We are now living through the 21st and longest partial government shutdown in our history. We’re in this pickle because the 535 members of Congress are incapable of doing a fundamental – if not THE fundamental – part of their job, passing the budget.

Some 800,000 thousand people are NOT getting their paychecks because of this congressional failure. Trump whines about his wall. Pelosi and Schumer say, “nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, no you can’t have one.” The rest of the Republicans stand around scratching their heads wondering what to do.

We the people – ALL OF US – need to step up and do exactly what we’d do with kindergarteners exhibiting the same behavior. That is, make them suffer the consequences of said behavior. We need to enforce the following:

All pay and all expense reimbursements for all members of Congress and all Congressional staff personnel will be suspended during all of every government shutdown, partial or otherwise.

These 535 arrogant, entitled, so-called public servants need to be held accountable and feel the fiscal pain they’re causing in a very personal manner.

Think about it… No…

Do something about it…

Forward this to EVERYBODY you know!

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  • Mary Margaret Just says:

    With few exceptions, they are already millionaires. Check to see which ones have a provisional contract to get $5.7 million for building a wall. Check to see which ones are planning to sell shovels and ladders. Check which ones would vote to have their paychecks sent to food closets.

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