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Bonus Episode: Update on “Why are cities more liberal?”

By March 2, 2019Inspiration
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In January, Intentionally Vicarious published an episode titled Why Are Cities More Liberal Than Rural Areas? In it, I cited Pooper-Scooper laws as an example of something even an extremely staunch small government advocate would welcome.

That’s fact #1. Fact #2 is that this Blog/Podcast is relentless in challenging its readers and listeners to have more fun than anyone else they know. I make no bones about the fact that I personally believe my fun skills exceed your fun skills. Go ahead, try to prove otherwise! 🙂 continued below

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By laying out that challenge, however, I invite competition. I feel obligated to acknowledge noble efforts. So… Following is an example of the extraordinarily tough competition I face in having more fun than anyone else I know.

Touche, Crosby!

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