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Bonus Episode – A Conversation With Happy Me’s Paul Nicholson

By February 8, 2019Lifestyle
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I had the good fortune to catch up with a colleague and friend from the past. Paul Nicholson is a Zoho ONE Authorised Training Partner among a host of other things… Paul & I got connected in a bit of an unusual way – It was about 10 years ago and we were both doing consulting work for a company in Bermuda – So the guy from Doncaster in the UK meets the guy from Atlanta, GA in Hamilton Bermuda! continued below

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Paul’s Happy Me philosophy is aimed in the same direction as Intentionally Vicarious, so it made sense to us both to talk about it and also share with our audiences.

Seems to me that combining Happy Me with Intentionally Vicarious just might be a pretty great idea. Check out some of the resources Paul has made available:

Let me know what you think!

Oh yeah… And don’t forget to have more fun than anyone else you know!

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