Welcome to Intentionally Vicarious

We all need to constantly question, explore, learn and think to survive. Might as well also have more fun than anyone else we know while we're at it.

You’ve gotten some education, learned some skills and figured out how to support yourself. Now what? What next? What else do you need to reach real fun and fulfillment in your life? Personal/play/self-actualization time is limited and the options are endless… How to choose???

A heavy dose of vicarious experience is the only way to explore enough options.

Tune in to the Intentionally Vicarious Podcast for conversations and insights. Live vicariously through the guests and host, then grab and run with what works for you.

…and since sometimes the show host simply can’t keep his mouth shut about some issue, we’ll throw in the occasional “toddcast” – a periodically coherent rant about something or another…