Todd Youngblood, Host

“I don’t much like the 16th Amendment” – Todd Youngblood

What Was

In 1982, Intentionally Vicarious host, Todd Youngblood, was an instructor in IBM’s legendary Sales School in Poughkeepsie, NY. The Class Manager (think “managing instructor”) at the conclusion of the crazy-intensive, 2-week, final course was responsible for delivering a send-off speech to mark the end of the year-long curriculum, and the beginning of each class member’s career as an official IBM Salesperson.

“My goal is to have more fun than anyone else I know.”

That’s the line Youngblood chose as the core message for his first cohort of wanna’-be IBM peddlers. It was said with a big smile… Clearly much of the “fun” was to come from success in selling lots and lots of mainframe computers. (Remember those???) That meant lots and lots of big commission checks, recognition, promotions AND some free time and cash to do other fun, fulling stuff.

It was also a serious/friendly challenge. “Do you really think you can have more fun than me?” AND an offer of a helping hand. “Would you like to learn about a process for having just a bit more fun today than you did yesterday? last week? last month? last year? last decade?”

What Will Be

So the basic idea behind Intentionally Vicarious, the notion of “more fun than anyone else” has been banging around in that head of his for quite a while. It’s still there today as he enters geezer-hood. When asked to provide a list of what he’s doing for fun right now, here’s what he gave us in no particular order:

  • Figure out how to really, really get to know my grandson, now that his Mommy & Daddy have moved him to friggin’ California (back to the east coast now – progress!)
  • Launch the Intentionally Vicarious podcast and get the following line into a major motion picture – “Hang on… First I need to post my IV Score and share it on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.”
  • Rise from raw beginner to mediocre skeet shooter by the end of this year.
  • Learn Ballroom Dancing so I don’t feel like a dufus next time I go to a wedding.
  • Build a cabin in North Georgia along with enough “play stuff” so my family and friends refer to the place as “Camp Youngblood.”
  • Bicycle another Century (100 miles in a day. That implies cycling 100+ miles per week just about every week.)
  • Continue my streak of twice a week weight training out to 3 years – then keep it rolling.
  • Exploit my membership in the High Museum (Atlanta) by visiting there every month. (…and MOMA in NYC every year…)
  • See at least one Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and one New York Philharmonic performance every year.
  • Dine at an awesome restaurant twice a month.
  • Finish up visiting all stops on Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail.

…Ummmmm…. sorry… that’s only a partial list, but it’s time for me to head out for my skeet shooting lesson. I’ll finish it up later.