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August 4, 2022

Polarization Over Abortion Is Political Media Nonsense

My conviction that Political Polarization is Nonsense is no secret. In the (Don’t Get) Framed By The Media episode I lay out the case that polarization is a strategy. A…
July 25, 2022

(Don’t Get) Framed By The Media

The political media are determined to transform all of us into knuckleheads. If you’re thinking “knucklehead” is too strong a word, I encourage you to think again. Due to the…
Unintended Consequences
May 4, 2022

The Scariest Echo Chamber On Earth

Living and/or working in an echo chamber is safe and comfortable, but unconscionably lazy and dumb. It is SO, so easy to intentionally - or accidentally - place oneself in…
Quality of LifeWealth
July 31, 2020

Best of Times Or Worst of Times?

I've debated with myself on the sentence I should use to introduce the core idea of this episode. I see two choices: The world is going to hell in a…
July 17, 2020

Bullshidology 101

Anyone else remember running through the DDT cloud from the mosquito man's truck? Like many, I get quite a few invitations to connect on  LinkedIn. Just last week, I got…
July 3, 2020

Ikigai …or something like it

In one of the very early Intentionally Vicarious podcasts I had a conversation with Retirement Coach Randy Yeomans. Just a few days ago I came across a Facebook post of…
June 5, 2020

More Pandemic Perspective

As we all slowly begin to emerge from our shelter in place lockdown we need to continue to examine and think about what happened, what we did in response to…
Freedom & Personal ResponsibilityQuick Thought
May 29, 2020

Quick Thought 65 – I Trust My T Cells

This is Intentionally Vicarious... I’m Todd Youngblood... And I was just sitting here at my desk pondering aimlessly... And I can’t help but wonder just how cautious I and everyone…
May 22, 2020

American Politics – Division By Design

The partisan divide in American politics is not only greater and more rancorous than ever, it’s becoming worse on a daily basis. “Youngblood,” you say, “How can this be?” Well...…